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Champion Player

Grade Type 
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 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Paterson, JyeBective-East Cricket Club1248.60
2 Taylor, BenBective-East Cricket Club841.60
3 Rixon, Michael INorth Tamworth Cricket Club1440.50
4 Skilton, ChrisSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1140.40
5 Rixon, Brendan JNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1338.90
6 Carney, Abel DBective-East Cricket Club1136.70
7 Philp, JakeWest Tamworth Cricket Club1136.50
8 Redshaw, Bradley SNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1336.10
9 Bryant, Daniel JOld Boys Cricket Club1135.80
10 Jordan, TaitTamworth City United Cricket Club1333.20
11 Mudaliar, DavidWest Tamworth Cricket Club832.50
12 Baker, Hayden JOld Boys Cricket Club931.50
13 Kelly, HarrisonWest Tamworth Cricket Club1030.70
14 Apen, KilianTamworth City United Cricket Club1328.70
15 Lawrence, DanielSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1227.90
16 Norvill, Simon JOld Boys Cricket Club927.10
17 Smith, Mitchell DSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1226.20
18 Lincoln, MitchellWest Tamworth Cricket Club1126.10
19 Swain, Mitchell DOld Boys Cricket Club1125.70
20 Greentree, AdamNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1424.70
21 Bryant, Matthew JOld Boys Cricket Club923.70
22 Collinson, DanielWest Tamworth Cricket Club1123.50
23 Peters, Lincoln ANorth Tamworth Cricket Club1123.40
24 Henry, CallumTamworth City United Cricket Club1122.10
25 Chilia, JelanySouth Tamworth Cricket Club1321.90
26 Craig, Zac ROld Boys Cricket Club921.70
27 Warren, BryanSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1020.90
28 Reeves, CameronNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1020.30
29 Sommers, Corey JOld Boys Cricket Club1120.00
30 Dobson, Chris RNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1119.90
31 O'Halloran, RichardTamworth City United Cricket Club1019.50
32 Burke, WillBective-East Cricket Club1219.40
33 Lewington, HarryNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1219.40
34 Rodgers, LiamTamworth City United Cricket Club1319.10
35 Whyler, JakeWest Tamworth Cricket Club1118.90
36 McGuirk, Adam MOld Boys Cricket Club718.90
37 Holt, Joseph WNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1018.60
38 Baines, AndrewTamworth City United Cricket Club1218.30
39 Paterson, LukeBective-East Cricket Club1116.60
40 Barton, LachlanBective-East Cricket Club916.60
41 Morrow, HarryBective-East Cricket Club716.30
42 Smith, LukeSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1216.00
43 Holt, SamuelNorth Tamworth Cricket Club1315.80
44 Kellett, JustinBective-East Cricket Club815.80
45 Attard, JoshuaSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1015.10
46 McVey, JackTamworth City United Cricket Club1014.80
47 Henderson, CharlieTamworth City United Cricket Club914.60
48 Toyer, SimonTamworth City United Cricket Club1014.40
49 Groth, Tom ASouth Tamworth Cricket Club813.70
50 Hird, NickBective-East Cricket Club813.60
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Total Records: 144   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next

Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 0.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 1.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00