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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Paterson, JyeBective-East Cricket Club731.10
2 Jordan, TaitTamworth City United Cricket Club924.70
3 Rixon, Michael INorth Tamworth Cricket Club821.30
4 Redshaw, Bradley SNorth Tamworth Cricket Club621.10
5 Collinson, DanielWest Tamworth Cricket Club720.70
6 Norvill, Simon JOld Boys Cricket Club720.60
7 Apen, KilianTamworth City United Cricket Club820.40
8 Lincoln, MitchellWest Tamworth Cricket Club719.00
9 Skilton, ChrisSouth Tamworth Cricket Club518.90
10 Carney, Abel DBective-East Cricket Club718.80
11 Mudaliar, DavidWest Tamworth Cricket Club417.70
12 Dobson, Chris RNorth Tamworth Cricket Club817.50
13 Baker, Hayden JOld Boys Cricket Club617.10
14 Taylor, BenBective-East Cricket Club316.60
15 Swain, Mitchell DOld Boys Cricket Club715.90
16 Kelly, HarrisonWest Tamworth Cricket Club615.30
17 Smith, Mitchell DSouth Tamworth Cricket Club615.10
18 Bryant, Daniel JOld Boys Cricket Club714.90
19 Lawrence, DanielSouth Tamworth Cricket Club514.50
20 Rixon, Brendan JNorth Tamworth Cricket Club714.30
21 Philp, JakeWest Tamworth Cricket Club713.70
22 Henry, CallumTamworth City United Cricket Club713.60
23 Toyer, SimonTamworth City United Cricket Club813.40
24 Baines, AndrewTamworth City United Cricket Club712.90
25 Rodgers, LiamTamworth City United Cricket Club812.00
26 Whyler, JakeWest Tamworth Cricket Club711.80
27 O'Halloran, RichardTamworth City United Cricket Club611.60
28 Warren, BryanSouth Tamworth Cricket Club511.50
29 Richards, Jack POld Boys Cricket Club711.50
30 Whale, DanielTamworth City United Cricket Club311.40
31 Bryant, Matthew JOld Boys Cricket Club411.20
32 Greentree, AdamNorth Tamworth Cricket Club811.10
33 Stevens, Jaryd GOld Boys Cricket Club710.60
34 Morrow, HarryBective-East Cricket Club310.50
35 Chilia, JelanySouth Tamworth Cricket Club610.30
36 Henderson, CharlieTamworth City United Cricket Club610.10
37 SINGLE, COBYBective-East Cricket Club19.90
38 Attard, JoshuaSouth Tamworth Cricket Club69.80
39 Barton, LachlanBective-East Cricket Club69.70
40 Morley, Brock WSouth Tamworth Cricket Club59.60
41 Holt, SamuelNorth Tamworth Cricket Club69.60
42 Sommers, Corey JOld Boys Cricket Club79.30
43 McVey, JackTamworth City United Cricket Club79.00
44 Middlebrook, Ben POld Boys Cricket Club18.70
45 Murphy, SamuelSouth Tamworth Cricket Club58.70
46 Holmes, MatthewTamworth City United Cricket Club88.60
47 Edwards, Tylar RSouth Tamworth Cricket Club38.60
48 Burke, WillBective-East Cricket Club78.50
49 Cameron, Braydon JSouth Tamworth Cricket Club48.40
50 Reeves, CameronNorth Tamworth Cricket Club58.30
51 Cullen, MichaelWest Tamworth Cricket Club47.90
52 Paterson, LukeBective-East Cricket Club67.60
53 Barton, KurtBective-East Cricket Club77.30
54 Lewington, HarryNorth Tamworth Cricket Club77.30
55 Scholes, WilliamBective-East Cricket Club57.20
56 Peters, Lincoln ANorth Tamworth Cricket Club67.20
57 Noble, Thomas ROld Boys Cricket Club37.10
58 Smith, LukeSouth Tamworth Cricket Club57.10
59 Craig, Zac ROld Boys Cricket Club56.80
60 Kellett, JustinBective-East Cricket Club36.70
61 Anderson, SamuelNorth Tamworth Cricket Club46.00
62 Shepherdson, MatthewBective-East Cricket Club15.90
63 Gopalakrishnan, AnoopTamworth City United Cricket Club65.80
64 Bin Liaqat, Muhammad AwaisWest Tamworth Cricket Club65.70
65 Hammond, JamesSouth Tamworth Cricket Club55.70
66 Bellamy, SimonTamworth City United Cricket Club25.50
67 McIlveen, Kaleb LSouth Tamworth Cricket Club55.20
68 Dickson, LynkenWest Tamworth Cricket Club55.20
69 Hird, NickBective-East Cricket Club44.60
70 Chick, BenjaminNorth Tamworth Cricket Club34.50
71 King, AaronBective-East Cricket Club64.50
72 Smith, DylanOld Boys Cricket Club54.40
73 Griffiths, RyanBective-East Cricket Club14.00
74 Doyle, WilliamNorth Tamworth Cricket Club53.90
75 Groth, Tom ASouth Tamworth Cricket Club43.90
76 Brennan, ScottTamworth City United Cricket Club13.70
77 Spinks, OscarTamworth City United Cricket Club63.70
78 Holt, Joseph WNorth Tamworth Cricket Club53.40
79 Cooper, JohnBective-East Cricket Club13.30
80 Laird, ThomasBective-East Cricket Club33.10
81 Brown, KyleNorth Tamworth Cricket Club13.10
82 Everett, JakeWest Tamworth Cricket Club33.10
83 Clydsdale, HarrisonBective-East Cricket Club33.00
84 McClymont, JaydenSouth Tamworth Cricket Club22.80
85 McGILL, OliverSouth Tamworth Cricket Club22.50
86 Adams, MitchellBective-East Cricket Club12.40
87 MASAUVAKALO, FENEDYSouth Tamworth Cricket Club22.40
88 Mudaliar, JasonWest Tamworth Cricket Club72.30
89 Crawford, MattBective-East Cricket Club12.30
90 Knight, Luke TOld Boys Cricket Club22.20
91 Cupitt, HenrySouth Tamworth Cricket Club12.10
92 Harvey, Sid JNorth Tamworth Cricket Club12.10
93 Griffiths, LiamBective-East Cricket Club12.00
94 Frater, FergusBective-East Cricket Club12.00
95 Burrows, MitchellBective-East Cricket Club12.00
96 Howison, JoshuaBective-East Cricket Club12.00
97 Cullen, KyleWest Tamworth Cricket Club72.00
98 Jones, AdamBective-East Cricket Club12.00
99 Mills, Adam ANorth Tamworth Cricket Club12.00
100 Smith, Joshua LOld Boys Cricket Club12.00
101 Levick, SamNorth Tamworth Cricket Club31.90
102 Smith, BradTamworth City United Cricket Club11.60
103 McGuirk, Adam MOld Boys Cricket Club31.50
104 Elliott, JohnTamworth City United Cricket Club11.50
105 Cleghorn, BenWest Tamworth Cricket Club31.40
106 Sands, TroyOld Boys Cricket Club61.30
107 Jarrett, BrendanNorth Tamworth Cricket Club11.20
108 Panton, FletcherBective-East Cricket Club11.20
109 Whale, CharlieBective-East Cricket Club21.20
110 Mead, JoeyTamworth City United Cricket Club31.20
111 Burrows, OliverBective-East Cricket Club11.10
112 Shepherdson, OwenBective-East Cricket Club11.10
113 Palmer, TysonWest Tamworth Cricket Club21.00
114 Allan, LiamWest Tamworth Cricket Club31.00
115 Hobson, IanBective-East Cricket Club21.00
116 Hamilton, JackOld Boys Cricket Club11.00
117 Trindall, NathanOld Boys Cricket Club21.00
118 Knight, JackOld Boys Cricket Club11.00
119 Haydon, GavinOld Boys Cricket Club11.00
120 Dwyer, PatrickTamworth City United Cricket Club11.00
121 Holt, MitchNorth Tamworth Cricket Club10.90
122 Gentle, Luke CNorth Tamworth Cricket Club20.80
123 Dickson, ChrisWest Tamworth Cricket Club50.70
124 Jones, RileyBective-East Cricket Club10.60
125 Haling, HenryBective-East Cricket Club10.30
126 Stevenson, ShaunNorth Tamworth Cricket Club10.10
127 Holt, Sam RNorth Tamworth Cricket Club10.00
128 Baker, CraigSouth Tamworth Cricket Club00.00
129 Halloran, Kristopher BNorth Tamworth Cricket Club10.00
130 Triebe, KarlNorth Tamworth Cricket Club10.00
131 Baines, AndrewTamworth City United Cricket Club10.00
132 O'Connor, Bernard FNorth Tamworth Cricket Club10.00
133 Kellett, JustinBective-East Cricket Club10.00
134 Mellor, TomasSouth Tamworth Cricket Club10.00
135 Holmes, Samuel JTamworth City United Cricket Club10.00
136 Fox, SamTamworth City United Cricket Club10.00
137 Thompson, LiamWest Tamworth Cricket Club10.00
138 Hewitt, Alasdair AOld Boys Cricket Club10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 0.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 1.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00