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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubTDCA First Grade CompetitionTDCA Second Grade CompetitionTDCA Third Grade CompetitionTDCA Fourth Grade CompetitionTDCA First Grade CompetitionTDCA Second Grade CompetitionTDCA Third Grade CompetitionTDCA Fourth Grade Competition
Abra, Paul WNorth Tamworth Cricket Club06000600
Abra, Scott ROld Boys Cricket Club00060006
Adams, MitchellBective-East Cricket Club38003800
Ahmed, AfaqOld Boys Cricket Club01300130
Aitken, Tom ANorth Tamworth Cricket Club0014000140
Allan, GlennWest Tamworth Cricket Club0014100141
Allan, LiamWest Tamworth Cricket Club36203620
Anderson, SamuelNorth Tamworth Cricket Club41004100
Annis-Brown, KobiOld Boys Cricket Club00080008
Antony, JosephWest Tamworth Cricket Club02000200
Apen, KilianTamworth City United Cricket Club1300013000
Aslin, ChrisSouth Tamworth Cricket Club0011200112
Attard, JoshuaSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1100111001
Attard, KevinSouth Tamworth Cricket Club0015000150
Baines, AndrewTamworth City United Cricket Club1200012000
Baker, AndrewWest Tamworth Cricket Club0015000150
Baker, Casey JSouth Tamworth Cricket Club01000100
Baker, CraigSouth Tamworth Cricket Club1110111101
Baker, Deni JSouth Tamworth Cricket Club08100810
Baker, Hayden JOld Boys Cricket Club90009000
Balderston, TrentTamworth City United Cricket Club0210002100
Bamforth, DavidSouth Tamworth Cricket Club0031100311
Bamforth, JaiSouth Tamworth Cricket Club00080008
Barbara, DaveSouth Tamworth Cricket Club0014000140
Barbara, DominicSouth Tamworth Cricket Club10821082
Barber, Michael AOld Boys Cricket Club0001600016
Barton, CliveBective-East Cricket Club02100210
Barton, KurtBective-East Cricket Club1200012000
Barton, LachlanBective-East Cricket Club1000010000
Barwick, RexNorth Tamworth Cricket Club0041200412
Beard, JoshOld Boys Cricket Club0001100011
Beattie, BrettSouth Tamworth Cricket Club00100010
Beattie, MathewSouth Tamworth Cricket Club09800980
Beaumont, MitchellNorth Tamworth Cricket Club0111401114
Beer, AndrewSouth Tamworth Cricket Club00010001
Bellamy, SimonTamworth City United Cricket Club78107810
Bello, Anthony GOld Boys Cricket Club00240024
Betts, Kieran JOld Boys Cricket Club0017000170
Betts, Lachlan EOld Boys Cricket Club00200020
Bhardwaj, UmeshWest Tamworth Cricket Club08000800
Bhullar, Devinder SOld Boys Cricket Club0021400214
Bhullar, Guntas SOld Boys Cricket Club0001300013
Bin Liaqat, Muhammad AwaisWest Tamworth Cricket Club1000010000
Bowd, WesleyWest Tamworth Cricket Club0102001020
Bower, LiamSouth Tamworth Cricket Club00090009
Bowkett, Samuel DNorth Tamworth Cricket Club02400240
Bowman, WilliamSouth Tamworth Cricket Club0021100211
Brand, AllenWest Tamworth Cricket Club0001000010
Brennan, ScottTamworth City United Cricket Club10001000
Bridges, Brendan MOld Boys Cricket Club0110001100