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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1878985621554418388187587*Ben P MiddlebrookOld Boys2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition5 1West Tamworth
2847695271554954388188884*David MudaliarWest Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition9 1North Tamworth
3837825271554661388186983Chris SkiltonSouth Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition3 1Old Boys
47915134991553452388186479COBY SINGLEBective-East2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition1 1West Tamworth
5778642361553452388187177*Jye PatersonBective-East2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition3 1North Tamworth
6708377411554382388188370*Chris R DobsonNorth Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition7 1City United (Tamworth)
7669256321554954388187966Daniel CollinsonWest Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition6 1Bective-East
8618643841554661388188961Daniel LawrenceSouth Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition9 1Bective-East
9607604121554382388187160Brendan J RixonNorth Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition3 1Bective-East
105919437761553452388186459Matthew ShepherdsonBective-East2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition1 1West Tamworth
115868850915513437388187658Simon ToyerCity United (Tamworth)2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition5 1Bective-East
125773351015513437388188757Tait JordanCity United (Tamworth)2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition9 1Old Boys
13519256321554954388187551Daniel CollinsonWest Tamworth2021/2022TDCA First Grade Competition5 1Old Boys
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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